PG Trainer Testimonials

 "It had been years since I had done any sports. I had gotten a leg injury and had low-level back pain and just couldn’t see myself getting back into an active lifestyle. I heard about the personal training service at the Pulse and decided to ask an expert to reintroduce me to the gym.
The reason I still opt for personal training today is because it works for me. Setting up a schedule with my personal trainer has kept me engaged in the gym all these years. We focus on functional fitness and do something different every single session. Breanne has a creative program and really personalizes training. For my own situation she pays attention not only to my weak leg, but also to the other parts of the body that get out of balance from compensation. I really appreciate all that and I see the benefits of it every day. The obvious reservation was the fear of completely embarrassing myself. Breanne was extremely professional from day one. She explained all exercises thoroughly and would describe what was happening anatomically if you wanted to know.
I am more fit and coordinated. Training gave me confidence to try skiing, wall climbing, horseback riding and yoga. Back pain is reduced and I’m not constantly worried that I’m going to wipe out and hurt myself in the winter.
Personal Training has really enriched my life. I can just imagine how old I would be feeling right now, if I hadn’t decided to try it out."


"Working one-on-one with a personal trainer was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. As a busy health professional, having someone motivate and organize my work out habits has enabled me to make the most of my time. It has also opened my eyes to areas I was neglecting such as flexibility and core training. Kevin has kept me interested in working out through constant new challenges. In all other areas of life, one would consider hiring a professional to assist you in an area outside of your expertise, and that is precisely what Kevin has done for me. "  

" At the beginning, I decided to have a Personal Trainer to ensure that I would have a regular appointment for exercise and to have that extra level of pressure not to miss my weekly attempts to improve my physical well-being. As a physician, I was confident that I knew what I needed and what kind of exercises would be the most beneficial for me.  Kevin proved to be much more than the “exercise police”, as he was able to tailor our sessions to my needs, working on fundamental issues around mobility, cardio and muscle strengthening, as well as balance. These are all critical things for me, as I am an avid golfer who is aging and whose body is changing. Also, as I experienced some injuries throughout the year, he was able to adjust the exercise routine to minimize stress to the affected areas and improve their ability to heal without neglecting other muscle groups. To have had Kevin’s expertise and guidance in this journey towards fitness has been invaluable."  

"Training with Kevin has been an invaluable experience. Initially I needed guidance building a fitness plan that was manageable but effective, and the 30-minute sessions were a perfect fit. Weekly training kept me accountable and focused. In just a short time, I started to notice improvements not only in my physical health but mental health as well. With Kevin's coaching and encouragement, my confidence has grown so much. I feel motivated to take on new challenges and be more adventurous. Above all, it's given me an opportunity to tackle my insecurities, and learn about myself and what I'm capable of."


" I wanted to learn ways of working out that could incorporate modifications based on my limited mobility(arthritis) that would give me the maximum workout in the least amount of time. Matt listened to my limitations, understood that there are things I just cannot do.  He is able to distinguish when I am whining that something is hard versus when I am struggling due to pain and changes the task or pushes me through it.  Matt makes the workouts fun, he is very knowledgeable,respectful and sometimes a little tough, the perfect trainer. "  

" I was looking for a way to add some resistance work to my exercise routine. I wanted something challenging, with a good variety of exercises, that I could complete over my lunch hour.  Having Matt there makes a significant difference to me, in terms of the types of exercises I choose, and how much I will push myself (as compared to working out on my own). ​"